Customer support

Our call agents are available for your customers’ calls 24/7. We provide your customers with various types of information on your behalf, such as working hours, contact addresses, product or service features, sales terms and conditions, details of sales campaigns and we also take and arrange orders. We can take over the reporting of technical issues/complaints and keep your customers informed about the procedure, thereby further improving customer experience. Do you have your own call centre, but there are still too many calls to handle? Our call centre will make sure that no call stays unanswered. If you are unavailable, we will take the calls, record them in detail and forward them to the relevant responsible person. Nurture your company’s good reputation by letting our professional call centre agents take care of your customers.


Are you in need of a tested method to present your products or services to a wider audience? Direct telesales or telemarketing is a cost-effective solution for organizations to boost sales by employing outsourced know-how. Hiring an external call centre is an efficient way to save time and cut down on costs related to having an own call centre. At the same time, it provides your organization with access to all benefits and know-how offered by a professional call centre. We work as telemarketing advisers, helping you to achieve your sales targets. Our many years of experience in managing call centres and devotion to your success make Tele-marketing’s call centre services a top-notch choice. Knowing that your sales are in good hands, you can focus on your other priorities.


Surveys are the most effective method for collecting various kinds of information. When your goal is to learn which customers are interested in your product or service or why they would decide to make a purchase, what price they are willing to pay and how they decide to buy something, then you need a reliable market research survey. Customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires made through the telephone are a useful way to measure the success of your company. Telephone surveys provide an increasingly rare opportunity for establishing a personal contact with your customers. This will enable you to find out if you have met your customers’ expectations and you will learn about your strengths and the fields where you still have room to grow and improve. With well-structured customer satisfaction surveys and respectful call agents who listen to customers, we will help you to collect and sort large volumes of priceless information for your company. Based on the gathered information, you will be able to adapt to your customers’ needs and achieve the desired results.

Arranging appointments/meetings

Telephone calls to generate leads or arrange personal meetings are still used in the world of business. Cold calling is a method for coming into a direct, personal contact with your potential customers. We focus on all aspects of customer needs, from preparing targeted sales lists, to planning meetings with potential partners. Our call agents are committed to your programme and success. They work as experts about your company, products and services in interaction with external partners. Such expertise, combined with our sales skills, is a guarantee for success even in the most complex campaigns.

Custom-made Package

Based on your company specifics we will prepare custom-made solutions and adjust to the needs of your organization.