We are top-notch sales team, regularly upgrading our skills.

Tele-marketing is a call centre with an ambitious team of 40 advisers, which has been successfully building its name in cooperation with Slovenian and foreign companies. We are characterized by our top-notch sales team which regularly upgrades its skills through various trainings. Based on several years of experience, we have set up our own training programme that provides practical training for our in-house and external personnel.

Our high-quality solutions are based on the many years of experience, modern technology and the latest sales practices and techniques. Our professional call agents can take your calls and serve the needs of your organization. Your external partners will perceive them as experts about your company, products and services.

The expertise, in a combination with our sales skills, is a guarantee for success even in the most complex campaigns. We are committed to your programme and success.



We are aware of the importance of nurturing customer relationships; to this end, we offer services with shared agents to small and large clients. The system of shared agents enables a higher level of adaptability and cost-effectiveness because the call centre costs are split to several clients at the same time.